• Mechanical Engineering Department

The ArcosTechnical and Mechanical Office combines its expertise with activities from a wide range of sectors.

It is able to support the customer throughout the entire design phase, from the definition of requirements to the installation operations.

The Technical Mechanical Department, in fact, provides technical solutions that can realize, in a short time and according to customer needs, every single component that will be installed inside the plants.

With a strong staff of specialized personnel and years of experience in the automation sector, the Technical Mechanical Department, following the guidelines agreed with the customer, deals with:
Formulating and evaluating all kinds of possibilities and solutions;
Functional analysis and verification of compliance with customer needs;
Elaborating virtual prototypes (Layout);
Definition of all technical details;
Engineering through 3D design software (Solidworks);
Construction drawings using 2D drawing software (AutoCAD);
Installation assistance.

The ArcosTechnical Mechanical Department supports the Sales Department in the choice of the best technical solutions to be adopted in each specific situation. During this stage, the key points of the project, the requirements to be met and the study of any problems that may arise in the design and implementation phase are evaluated.

After receiving the customer’s approval, it then moves on to the actual design phase, taking into account and complying with the regulations in force, with the creation of construction drawings and the necessary documentation for the system’s production.

Arcos has a dense network of specialized partners who, if necessary, contribute their knowhow to the creation of customized solutions.