• Robot

The main activities of Arcos Srl are the programming, installation and commissioning of robotized cells used in the processing of metal parts, as well as custom-designed solutions. The robot programmers are able to respond to these needs.

The main robot that Arcos implements in its systems comes from the Japanese manufacturer Fanuc. Arcos engineers use various types of robots depending on the process to be carried out, thanks to a complete set of application-specific options, simple integration, loads of up to 2.3 tons and a maximum extension of 4.7 metres.

In addition to the robots, Arcos also employs numerical control systems (ROBODRILL), which also come from the Japanese brand and are used in conjunction with the robots.

For each application, Arcos’ programmers install and prepare each robot in a suitable, customer-specific hardware and software configuration. Every robot that is programmed in Arcos is always safe and secure thanks to FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS); this is one of the most important roles for the whole cell and with the PLC part, it allows to delimit dangerous zones where the robot movement is forbidden.

Another important part of the programming carried out by Arcos technicians is the implementation of external systems and axes to the robot, through a hardware installed inside the robot controller cabinet and a software specifically prepared to use this auxiliary axis in symbiosis with the robot itself. By implementing this system it is possible to make the robot follow particular paths to work while moving the external axis.

The software implemented on the robot with the LR Handling Tool has a robust and well-proven structure, with ad hoc functions written for a specific needs; technical programming requires constant training and qualification, as well as new structures to improve what is already in use and to facilitate it. This is why our programmers have been trained in the Fanuc headquarters and are always in contact, if required, with technicians from the parent company to discuss hardware and software systems needs, in order to improve the customer-specific application, as well as always being cutting-edge.

Each new robot cell programmed by Arcos has a programming structure that our technicians transmit and teach to the end user, who can learn the notions to start its production and have a solid and robust basis from which, day after day, knows his machine by being guided at the beginning by our programmers and gradually mastering its cell.