• Automotive

  • purpose

This Robotized system can be used for finishing of nautical steering wheels, removing excess plastic casting material and polishing aluminium parts.

  • Specifications

•  PU10 unit, pendulum cotton buff polishing unit;
•  FB1 unit, cleaning unit with steel wire brush;
• FB5 unit, cleaning unit with shaped hot tool;
•  FB5 unit, cleaning unit with pointed hot tool;
•  FB2 unit, cleaning unit with cutting blade;
•  SM2 small unit with free belt;
•  50kg M-710iC Fanuc Anthropomorphous Robot;
•  Electrical cabinet with control panel;
•  Loading/unloading system with rotary table
•  Security SICK laser scanner in loading/unloading zone;
•  Safety net.

Parts: Nautical steering wheels;

Material: stainless steel with aluminium casting, stainless steel with aluminium casting coated in polyurethane.

Operations: cleaning and removal of moulding excess.